A completely downloadable course on Post Processing your images for conversion to Black and White in Photoshop – presented by Photo Paint Works Instructor Marie Otero.

This jam packed course offers Videos, Source Files, PSD composites as well as Printable PDF’s that cover a myriad of ways to convert your images to Beautiful Black and Whites using Photoshop (or Photoshop Elements) without the use of any extra plug-in software or Add-ons!!

Topics included are:
* Twin Hue Saturation Conversions
* Toning and Tinting Your Images
* Adobe Camera Raw/ Lightroom Conversions
* Black and White Adjustment Layers
* Using the Channel Mixer
* Dodging and Burning Techniques – including a custom downloadable Action
* Gradient Mapping and Vignetting Techniques
* Sharpening Techniques
* Creative Projects 1. The Ortibtal Chair
* Creative Project 2. The Vintage Car

Class Material Provided:
~ Project Videos
~ Source Files
~ Layered PSD Work Files
~ Custom Gradients
~ Textures used in the projects
~ Custom Action.

The Cost of the Workshop is $89
All the materials for the course are completely downloadable and are yours to keep.  The Class is Self Paced and you can work through the material at your own pace and take as long as you like.  There is no expiry on the material.


Student Requirements:
~ Students will need CS5 or later installed.
~ Photoshop Elements will work for most of the projects, but not the Channel Mixer segment.
~ Some computer savvy – you will need to be able to download and unZIP the work files and know how to save them to your hard drive and find them once downloaded.
(We are unable to provide technical help for your equipment or software!)

All sales and payments are final and no refunds can be issued for downloaded Online Class material.