On this page you can click on individual albums featuring images created at each of our past Workshop locations…… Enjoy the eye candy!

Karen & Marie
Heading into the Market, Revel, France Twirling Lessons from Marie Otero Around Durfort, France  Golden Fields in Vaudreille   3 Floors Up, La Cascade    Walking in Durfort, France     Durfort, After Dark      Doors and Windows of Southern France       Fromage, Revel, France        Carcassonne, France         Carcassonne Castle          Hardware, Southern France           Locked, Durfort France            Bicycle in Soreze, France             Toulouse Window              French Man in Montolieu               LaCascade Door Knocker                Morning Light, Durfort                 La Cascade, Durfort                  Southern France                   Part of our Group                    Paper Museum, Brousse                    Durfort Roses                    Shutter Latch                    Travel in Europe                    Montolieu Book Village                    _MG_8552b-fb-otero